Yarn feeders


Major challenge

Maintaining a market leading position with yarn feeders hard to copy.

How IRO stay at the forefront

IRO was founded in 1958 with a new, invented positive yarn feeding system for circular knitting machines. Today, following the merger with Aros Electronics AB, IRO AB is active in two fields; yarn feeders and permanent magnet motors.


IRO is a world leading manufacturer of yarn feeders. Modern production technology is the basis for the high-performance and cost-effective products with hard to copy outstanding technology solutions. After many years of close collaboration with IRO, Aros has, an extensive knowledge of the end application. Our task is to supplement IRO’s mechanical skills with electronics, software and electronics.


The motor is designed in close collaboration with mechanical engineers.Stator plate cut,how it should be wound and rotor magnets design is determined. Optical and mechanical sensors are also developed in close collaboration with Iro. The rotation of the motor is controlled by accurate, highly responsive electronics, without the need to incorporate a pulse sensor, which enables further cost reduction. A technique developed in-house enables a mathematical algorithm to be used to measure the current in the motor and convert this information to dictate the position of the rotor.

Achieved benefits

  • The optical sensors can detect yarns as thin as 25 µm within a time frame of 10 µs.
  • IRO’s yarn feeders, together with the weaving machines, usually have an accessibility ranging between 96-99 %.
  • Increasingly sophisticated software functions in weaving machines are supported by IRO’s yarn feeders.
  • Iro is still the market leader in yarn feeders for weaving machines.
  • The later generations of yarn feeders have not been copied to the same extent as before.

A benefitial cooperation between sister companies

The close collaboration for a long time, between IRO and Aros, has resulted in successful launches of new products. Expertise and experience exchange facilitates the process to create new, competitive solutions