Customised Drives


Customised drives

Unique solutions based on pre-developed modules.

Customised drives

We provide cutting-edge expertise in power electronics, motor design, motor control algorithm development, embedded software design, design for EMC and all you need to fit your environment and application. By participating early in the project we can offer completely customised drive systems.

Based on our pre-developed, and verified, design solutions we can easily configure a system that fulfills your specific needs. We have power modules for supply voltages, ranging from 12 VDC to 3-phase 525 VAC and power from a few watts up to tens of kiloWatts.

Our controllers are often integrated with the application environment and have to be able to communicate with other system components. This is solved via RS485, CAN or other types of fieldbuses. Man-machine interfaces, from push-buttons to operator panels are also integrated. This enables both increased performance and lower system cost.