2018-07-03 - Soon Summer Vacation

  The summer vacations are closing in on us and soon Maria and I has been here at Aros for a year, time really flies!  In the last post we mentioned that we also could see the finish line on the Six sigma course and now it is actually completely finished and we both managed to get good grades and of course a lot of learning. Now we are just waiting for our certificates.    

Right now all the focus are on our projects here at Aros which as mentioned are supposed to be ready for the big ITMA (International Textile Machinery Association) fair in Barcelona next June. Maria actually just got her ready pcb:s from the production, and she also got them in a very pretty package. So next step for her is to test the functions that she previously designed.


So what more, except for working on the projects some colleagues and I was for example on a sailing trip outside Marstrand one afternoon, it was really fun and the weather was fantastic!

As a part of the trainee program we have also attended the first part of a five day long course in project management, it was held at Torekov hotel in Torekov, which was an amazing place. The course was also really good and the group size was only six persons so it was possible to gain a lot of knowledge about how to work in project and things related to that. I am really looking forward to the final part which will be held in August.

Some pictures from my morning run by the ocean.

The sunset seen from Torekov hotel.

So last but not least we both attended the annual summer party at IRO in Ulricehamn last friday where we got to play ‘brännboll’, eat good food and dance to some live music. It was really fun and also my team won the ‘brännboll’ tournament which made it even more fun! smiley

Next it is time for vacations, actually Maria already went to Croatia this Sunday but I will also have some vacation from next week. Hopefully we will also have some nice weather here in Sweden.

Hope you will have some nice summer vacation too!