2018-05-24 - Long time no see!

We’re now completely moved in in our new open office and I have managed to get my desk so messy that it feels like home!

What since last update you might ask? Well, Charlotte has been working with a project for a new customer where she got to visit France, I am not jealous at all…

On the other side, I have got the opportunity to get a two day course regarding how to do EMC measurements at SWEREA which was really interesting. The course included a lot of cool antennas, cages and helpful advises. Although I must admit that EMC still feels like black magic in many ways.

Both Charlotte and me has got projects in the textile sector that we hope will be a great success at ITMA 2019.

We are also starting to see the finish line of our Six Sigma project. As a cross functional project I must say that it has worked really well, I feel way more comfortable walking around in production. Everyone has been super helpful and answered all, the sometimes stupid, questions my group and I have been asking. I also makes me happy to know more of the people in production since they are so important for our company!

At Aros we have also been nagging enough to get shorter introductions regarding motor control and CAN, it turned out that a lot of people though that it would be interesting to attend so all the course dates where rather well-attended.


Oh, what more?

Well, just as previous year we at Aros had a team that ran Tough Viking, to get a grip of what was ahead of us we visited ‘Bergets hinderbana’ in Kallebäck. It is truly a great feeling to be part of a team with colleagues that I admire.

How did it go?

Everyone manged to get around and get that lovely medal!

Since the last week have offered great weather a colleague got the great idea to start AUBK, which could be translated to Aros Extraordinary Bath Committee. So we have been to Sisjön during the lunches last week.

Rumours are saying that next year’s trainee also is recruited, I am happy to say that it is a friend of mine that will run this blog next year!

Stay tuned!