2018-03-14 - AfterCharm and New Offices


Now there has been a month since our last blog-post and it has actually happen some exciting things since then.

First of all we have finally moved back into our original building, due to a big renovation of our offices some of us had to sit in another facility across the street for a couple of months. But now we are back and the new office landscape is really nice and open with a lot of daylight.

We had an opening ceremony last friday where all participating employees had to construct an opening speech together. Afterwards we had a really enjoyable afterwork.


Last time we also mentioned that we were in the planning phase of the afterCharm event, which took place the first of March. It was a lot of students who participated and it was a really fun day and evening. I hope those of you that participated thought so to!


Apart from the tours in the production and development areas we had some information about next years trainee spots. There was a lot of students that was intrested to hear what you do when you are a trainee at Aros which was very fun to see.

During the evening we also had some good food, live music and quiz that I hope everyone enjoyed!

When it comes to our everyday work we have started to get involved in actual projects which is really fun and instructive and you get to practice what you have learned. The Six Sigma course is also still going on it is quite interesting to learn how to see things from another point of view and learn how to solve complex problems using tools that we are learning!