2018-02-14 - New year, new challenges

Hello again,

Now it was some time since we wrote a blog-post. It has been really busy here preparing for the CHARM fair at Chalmers so we did not have so much time left for the blog, but now the fair is over so we will update you on what has happened since Christmas.

First of all we both had a very nice vacation for Christmas and New Years, and when we came back we started off by finishing the NFC project with some documentation since the prototype now worked properly, both the software and the hardware. 

While Maria kept on working on here current measuring project I instead started to get some training in how to run and control the motors we design. Even though I just started it was really fun, but a lot to learn regarding how electrical motors work.

At the same time we also inherited a project stared by two guys who did their summer jobs here at Aros, a Pinball-game-suitcase. They had designed and constructed most of the game but some relevant parts had to be added and/or changed for the game to work properly.  So this game is what Maria and I has spent about three intense weeks with constructing to make it ready for the CHARM fair. We have done everything from creating hall-sensors and amplifier circuits to fix the software and making the mechanics work, both fun and instructive!


As visible in the film we finally (the day before CHARM) got the game to work and it got the opportunity to come with us to the fair.



The top score on the game for both days was around 18 000 points which was very impressive given that Marias best game ended at around 11 000 (and she might have some advantages from designing the game). So to conclude t seemed like the fair visitors enjoyed our homemade pinball!

Except from building pinball-games Maria and I has also started taking a course in Six Sigma at Chalmers just as Cecilia and Fredrik before us.  For those of you who don’t know what Six Sigma is, it is a problem solving method to improve processes more or less. We both have got a problem to look at in Aros production which we together with a group of Chalmers student should analyze given the tools that we learn in the course.

This course will run on half-time the rest of the spring and hopefully our results will be of use to make the production more efficient.

Right now we are also in the planning phase for afterCharm, an event where we invite Chalmers students to us for an evening where they get the opportunity to see our production and development projects. They will also have the chance to mingle with our developers, eat some good food and listen to live music!

That was all for now, stay tuned!