2017-12-13 - Rocking fairs

Hi again!

As previously mentioned are we responsible for the work fairs at Chalmers. Last time it was DatE-IT and this time it was the students from the Mechanical Engineering as well as Automation and Mechatronics programs that we guested at ZMART.

The arrangements were smoother this time so I guess it is true what they say regarding practice. Here is Charlotte, ready to rock ZMART. 

Back at Aros we have moved on with software design in the NFC project where the I2C communication is working fine. Since it is difficult to work with the same software on such a small project Charlotte has taken main responsibility for the last part of the NFC project, finalizing the NFC extension application. Meanwhile, I try to stay in touch with it but am spending most of my time with another project where I am trying to assist some colleagues in designing a faster current measurement for a specific product.

We have just as previous trainees visited SPS which is an enormous technology fair in Nürnberg, the fair covered 16 halls and 1743 exhibitors. At the fair we got the opportunity to see and try out different new technology and some of the things were really exciting. A sample of all the experience is summarized in the pictures below.

Here is me and Henric, trying out their customized designed virtual rollercoaster.

When in Nürnberg it is also necessary to eat Nürnberger bratwurst, which we did at Zum Gulden Stern which has a 700 year tradition of serving bratwurst, sauerkraut and weissbier. It was really good and the food was served at plates shaped like hears which was quite funny. 

Since it is close to Christmas times we also got the opportunity to see a Christmas Camel at a square in central Nürnberg smiley


Stay tuned