2017-11-21 - Three months at Aros!

Time really flies and another couple of interesting weeks has passed.  To start of seriously, our NFC project is moving forward and the hardware is now working fine and detecting the signals from the phone and the digital isolation is finally working with us. The project is moving on towards the software part where we have established contact with the NFC-chip. 

A couple of weeks ago we were with our colleagues to test one of our electrical motors for EMC emissions. Really cool room with all the isolation to prevent reflecting signals and disturbance from the outside. 

As a part of the trainee program we are also responsive for the work fairs at Chalmers. The first fair was DatE-IT. After some hard physical work, heavy lifting and arranging our booth looked like this. 


Just before the fair Maria also learned how to tie a bow tie and she was quite proud about it. 

For those of you who been following the blog for some years knows that we have a sister company in Ulricehamn, Iro. Annually there is a get-together arrangement between the companys and this year it was Iros time to organize it. We were invited to participate in solving a murder mystery were everyone had a part to play, the level of preparation was though varying. Two of our colleagues who did a better job with both outfit and acting was Johan and Josef, see for yourself.  

Here is a photo of the group that participated from both Aros and Iro. It was a really fun arrangement and we had a lot of laughter and fun, luckily both me and Maria survived the evening without being victims for the murderer. 

Last but not least we are continuing with our workouts on Thursday lunch and last week we ran through the forest to a spot with a great view were we did some muscle strengthening exercises. smiley