2017-10-27 - From cinnamon buns to buses

Wow, what an interesting time it has been recently here at Aros.

Since we soon will start the more practical part of our NFC-project we got a basic soldering course to get a grip of the theory behind it and also methods to use when soldering surface mounted components. It was tricky but some practise will do the trick.

The office is being restored and we had to move out from out room to a new one. Look how large and spacious it is.


Here we will stay until the restoring of the office is done, hopefully in February.  (Also notice how natural and relaxed I look at pictures)


We have also had our schematic drawing for our NFC-project checked and got a lot of valuable inputs from our more experienced colleagues. After that we could do the layout for our PCBs and finally order our test cards. They arrived just today and we will start soldering.

The last week we have been in Belgium, where we have visited Van De Wiele and Busworld (a large bus fare). Van De Wiele is Aros electronics owners and the visit there was really impressive. I have never felt that the industry was the way to go for me but after that visit it suddenly felt tempting.

At Busworld Aros had a booth where we showed some of our products that can be useful in a bus. Regarding my personal career choice I became unsure again when I realised how much cool technology there is behind a bus. 

What else… We got cinnamon buns at the fourth of October smiley


Stay tuned!