2017-09-28 - Learning and Adventure Time

Hello again!

Now we have been here at Aros for additional two weeks and it has been a lot of learning and fun. First of all we have kept on educating ourselves in “Aros konstruktionsskola” where we recently have learnt how to work effective in a project and also how to use LTSpice for simulations.

The planning for DatE-IT and ZMART fairs at Chalmers has also started where we will participate.


This week the whole development department also went on a 2-day conference out in the forest where we stayed at a hostel and discussed about next year. This was really fun and educating and we also went on a short trip to Ullared for some shopping to boost our creativity! smiley

Last but absolutely not least we have finally gotten our very own ESD slippers and we are very pleased!

Stay tuned.