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Welcome to Aros electronics trainee blog 2018/2019. This blog is maintained by Simon Nilsson, new M.Sc graduate from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. I started here at Aros electronics in late Aug. 2018 and will be working as trainee for a total of 12 months.

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2018-11-13 - Thesis work sugestions, after work and Iro

Hello again! This time I have three things that I want to write about. Firstly, I want to tell you that I have done some work putting together our new thesis work suggestions for 2019. At Aros we believe that the best thesis works come from finding the best work for each individual student. For this reason the different thesis suggestions are broad with room to adapt the topic towards each student. You can find all of our suggestions together with more information about the company and our trainee positions here:



2018-10-24 - Chalmers Formula Student and the Germany trip

Hello again!

During my fourth year at Chalmers I was a part of the Chalmers Formula Student (CFS) project. In this project we designed, built and manufactured a fully electric race car. After around 9 months the project was concluded at the racetrack at TT Circuit Assen (Netherlands) and at Hockenheimring (Germany) where we competed against other student teams from all over the world.

In CFS I worked a lot with the motors and the power electronics and since both of those were sponsored by Aros Electronics it was a great way of getting to know the company. It was during this time I found out about the trainee position I now hold. So when I got the offer to be the contact person and project leader towards CFS, I did not hesitate to accept.


2018-09-25 - Trainee blog Aros 2018!


I am the new trainee here at Aros Electronics! My name is Simon Nilsson and I recently concluded my masters in Electric Power Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. I originate from a small village called Fridlevstad outside of Karlskrona in the southeast of Sweden but moved to Gothenburg five years ago before starting at Chalmers.