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Trainee blog

Welcome to Aros electronics trainee blog 2016/2017. This blog is maintained by Charlotte Lanfelt and Maria Nisshagen, new M.Sc graduates from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. We started here at Aros electronics in late Aug. 2017 and will be working as trainees for a total of 12 months.

(For older blogs, visit the Trainee blog 2016/2017, 2015/2016 or 2013/2014)

2017-10-27 - From cinnamon buns to buses

Wow, what an interesting time it has been recently here at Aros.

Since we soon will start the more practical part of our NFC-project we got a basic soldering course to get a grip of the theory behind it and also methods to use when soldering surface mounted components. It was tricky but some practise will do the trick.

The office is being restored and we had to move out from out room to a new one. Look how large and spacious it is.



2017-09-28 - Learning and Adventure Time

Hello again!

Now we have been here at Aros for additional two weeks and it has been a lot of learning and fun. First of all we have kept on educating ourselves in “Aros konstruktionsskola” where we recently have learnt how to work effective in a project and also how to use LTSpice for simulations.

The planning for DatE-IT and ZMART fairs at Chalmers has also started where we will participate.


2017-09-18 - First month at Aros

Hi Everyone!

We are the new trainees here at Aros, Charlotte and Maria. We both have just finished our studies at Chalmers where Charlotte studied Automation and Mechatronics and Maria studied Electric Power engineering.

After one month here at Aros we have finally got access to the trainee blog. So the question everyone has been asking; “what have we been doing here our first month?”